2008 Hatty Award Winner

Rodney Allison

Rodney Allison is owner and Master Hatter at North Valley Hat Company.

His contribution to the hat industry is education and construction of quality hats. "I keep asking the suppliers of raw materials to furnish hatters with high quality goods, such as fur felt hat bodies, high quality leathers, gross grain ribbon, etc.

In an industry where I have seen quality drop and prices rise, I truly feel that higher prices should reflect a higher quality.

I keep it straight, (50 percent beaver, 100 percent beaver) explain to consumers what my hats are made of, and I explain what a high quality hat is about. I also provide hatters with tips and instructions on high quality hats.

My hope is that the hat industry grows by way of smaller hatters. I would like to see hatters step back in time and make higher quality headwear. When people see my hats they get inspired to make a higher quality product."

"Quality That Makes The Difference."
Rodney Allison
North Valley Hat Company
8356 Liberty Rd. S.
Salem, Oregon 97306
Ph: 503-371-1110
Email: nvhatco@q.com